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Ake Bertenstam Ake.Bertenstam at ub.uu.se
Mon Aug 28 19:01:43 CEST 1995

Hi everyone!

I've long been a silent reader of this list. The recent discussion and
attempts of trying to compile a list of all the countries in which editions
of any appears has been interesting. In Arthur's letter on 26th August
concerning the varities of Spanish I note that he didn't mention Catalan,
and I know wonder if there's ever been an edition in that language, or are
Castillian and Catalan too closely related to render such an edition
meaningless? (There certainly appear both Castillian and Catalan
translations when it comes to books; in my own speciality, Tolkien
bibliography, I've noted both Castillian and Catalan translation though the
former ones far outnumber the latter ones.)

Then there are languages spoken in Spain: Aragonese (another
dialect/language closely related to Castillian?) and Basque (not related to
*any* other language as far as I know).

Ah, well, maybe a few words about myself before I go back lurking in my lair
again... I'm 37 years of age, work at the University library in Uppsala,
Sweden, and have the entire CBL. I did try to start collecting Disney comics
when the original series of Gladstone titles appears but eventually gave up
somewhere during the Disney company "interregnum" due to lack of space,
time, and money (my Tolkien collecting had to take precedence), though I
will certainly be looking out for any collections of Don Rosa's comics when
they finally appear.

Ake (Bertenstam)

Ake.Bertenstam at ub.uu.se

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