Scrooge McDuck Gumball Machine Coin Bank

Tryg Helseth trygve at
Mon Jan 2 12:38:05 CET 1995


>Well, I have a "Scrooge McDuck Gumball Machine Coin Bank" manufactured in 
>Chigaco according to the label.  "Superior (R) Toy 6 manufacturing 
>Company, Inc. Chicago, Illinois 60657"

It looks like you have the same bank that I have.  (See my earlier message 
titled "Gummi $crooge").  I wonder, though, if this is the same bank that
Gary and Don are talking about as Gary said his was manufactured in

The one that I have gives that address (Superior Toy...) on the box, but 
the bottom of the bank says it was made in the USA by 

    Processed Plastics Co.
    Montgomery, Ill.  60538


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