Question for Egmont Writers

Dwight Decker deckerd at
Mon Jan 2 18:11:47 CET 1995

When I was in Copenhagen in late November and
dropped by the Egmont offices, the latest news
was that Anina Bennett, the American Egmont
editor handling American freelancers, had just
quit to get a job with Dark Horse. At the time,
the Copenhagen people had not made any decisions
on how or even if to replace her. I haven't talked
to anybody in Copenhagen since then, so I haven't
heard if somebody has been named to take Anina's
place. The translation and editorial work I've
done for Egmont has been through the Copenhagen
editors anyway, so it doesn't have a direct bearing
on me, but a former Disney Comics staffer wanting
to submit scripts has been asking me who the
American contact is, and I'd like to write some
original stories myself sooner or later. Does
anybody know what the current status of the
American Egmont office is?

--Dwight (just a Mickey Mouse translator) Decker

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