Barks Story

Dennis Recla recla at
Mon Jan 2 23:16:29 CET 1995

I may be bringing up an old topic, but recently joined this group, I've 
been collecting US for quite some time.  In US 287 there was a comment in 
the back that Carl Barks has a new duck story being drawn by Van Horn and 
to be released in Europe.  Does anyone know the status of this.  I missed 
a meeting with Carl back in November here in Grants Pass, but looking 
forward to an opportunity sometime soon.  
Got to see Don Rosa in Dallas a few years back and my son got an original 
hand drawn $crooge from him for my collection.  It is one of the 
treasured pieces in my Uncle $crooge collection.  Plus it is great to see 
you are active in this net group.
Like someone else mentioned it's getting harder and harder to get the US 
comics before they are gone from the shelves.  I've missed 289 and on a 
quest to locate one.

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