Disney-comics digest #541.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at compuserve.com
Tue Jan 3 06:14:04 CET 1995

	I never had any contact with Anina Bennett and was only vaguely
aware of her and her office in the Great Northwest, otherwise I might
have mentioned something about her quitting.
	She won't be replaced and her "office" will be closed (I assume
she just worked out of her home, eh?). I believe Byron plans to try
doing her job by remote control from Copenhagan. He said that it would
be a good reason for him to make more frequent trips home to America.
When I heard about Anina's position, I wondered what would keep her busy
in such a position. I didn't have an impression there were more than 3
or 4 other Americans who wanted to be working on these characters, and
even if there were, how much time would it take to keep it running? Even
with both writing AND drawing stuff, I talk to Byron infrequently. He
gives me a page count and several months later I send him a story, after
just a few short consultations in between. What would someone in that
Northwest U.S. office be doing 8 hours a day, 5 days a week? Or was it
just a part-time job? Perhaps that's why she won't be replaced? (I
really haven't the slightest idea how anyone works other than me, so I'm
making wild guesses.)

	The $crooge bank you mention couldn't possibly be very rare...
in fact, I suspect it's one of the least rare $crooge items. I have very
limited access to European toys, and yet I have TWO versions of that
bank myself -- one painted and one "bronze". And I've passed up several
others. I believe they were given away free by some (regular) banks in
several countries, so how uncommon could they be? But, like that gumball
bank, they are very nice with the ornery-looking $crooge guarding the
bank, rather than a cute, smiling $crooge (i.e. a "DuckTales" style
$crooge) that most vapid toy licensees would usually opt for.

	The gumball $crooge bank and the European $crooge-on-a-chest
bank are two different items. I've been talking about both of them if
that's gotten you confused... or are you confused? Maybe I'm confused?
Actually, that proves I am, eh?

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