Hello, again!

Torsten Wesley Adair torsten at cwis.unomaha.edu
Wed Jan 4 08:31:34 CET 1995

Hi there, everyone!  I have returned home to Omaha, and I am quite
surprized to discover that I still have Internet access.

So, much has happened since last April, but I'll try to be brief.

First, I would like to thank Don Rosa for the wonderful work of art he did
for me in Erlangen.  Most professionals and fans would be happy to pay $20
for a simple sketch at a U.S. convention, but Mr. Rosa spent most of his
time in Erlangen producing numerous pictures for a crowd which never
seemed to diminish.  Also, thanks to the City of Erlangen, Germany, for
their excellent support of this wonderful gathering of talent.

(For those of you who didn't recognize me, I was the American with long
brown hair, beard, glasses, wearing dress shirts with Disney ties.  Sorry
if you missed me.)

Second, the Wilhelm Busch Museum in Hannover, Germany presented an exhibit
of Carl Barks' work.  Of course, it broke all attendance records.  I
bought the postcard set, including some extras of his Nude (reprinted in
the Comics Buyer's Guide).  For those unaware, Busch was a poet and
illustrator who created Max und Moritz.  He lived in Hannover, and it
seems that this is the official museum for German comics.  It is a bit
small, however.  

Third, while in Germany, I bought the weekly Micky Maus Magazine.  I have
the completed "Staumbaum der Ducks", and eagerly await the American
version.  I suppose much discussion has occured over Grandma Duck, but it
really doesn't matter.  I would like to see a "family album" of the
various stories where these relatives are featured.

Fourth, if I had more money, I would buy the mavelous leatherbound Disney
volumes produced by Ehapa Verlag.  I envy the German speakers on this list!
(Ja, Ich spreche Deutsch, aber schrechlich.)

Fifth, what issues of LaTo$McD have been collected in graphic novel
format, and in which languages.  I know that there are two volumes in
German, and I would be curious to know what other countries are doing.

Sixth, congratultions to Mr. Rosa for his strong showing in the Comics
Buyer's Guide Fan Awards.  He received about forty votes in various
categories, and those votes considered him the best in the industry. 
Remember, Life of $crooge qualifies for next year's list, too!

Seventh, I now live in the District of Columbia (AKA Sodom), and I am
unsure of my Internet access there.  Per, continue to send stuff, and if
anyone wants to correspond, write me at:
	1009 11th Street NW
	Washington, DC  20001

Torsten Adair	torsten at cwis.unomaha.edu	Omaha, NE, USA

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