Disney-comics digest #542.

H.W. Fluks fluks at pcssdc.pttnwb.nl
Wed Jan 4 11:48:40 CET 1995

Hello all, and a very good 1995!

After the loss of James Williams, it's good to see that at least Torsten
is back!

Some remarks on Jo/rgen's very old messages that appeared in digest 542:

> [...] the big white book "Jeg Onkel Skrue"
> (I, Uncle Scrooge), which I believe is the Norwegian version of an
> Abbeville book.

All the "I, ..." books have their origin in Italy. They were translated in
almost all European countries, and Abbeville made English books of them,
but in a different format: 2 rows per page in stead of the European
6 rows.

A lot of Barks stories were butchered in these series. They even published
"Pirate Gold" with some of the panels upside down!

[on the final page of "Christmas on Bear Mountain":]
>   Scrooge: "Servant! More soft drinks to the boys, and beer for Donald 
>            and me!"

In the Dutch version, which was translated from German or Danish, the 
text was changed to something like: "One soda with two straws please!
Donald and I are thirsty!" They added a joke that wasn't in the original..

> Birds in Disney comics
>      In some Mickey stories (also Italian), Mickey has a friend who looks
> like a raven, and acts like a teen-ager.

This must be the Ellsworth/Leo/Genius bird we were talking about.

> Some years ago I tried to figure out in what order Herge made his Tintin
> stories

Must have been difficult, because all early stories have been redrawn
later, sometimes including characters that were first introduced in
later stories...

Enough for today, I'm off now to get David G. from the railway station!

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