I'm back -- well, almost...

Jørgen Andreas Bangor jorgenb at ifi.uio.no
Wed Jan 4 16:40:20 CET 1995

Now I get a bit confused...
I'm just taking a short trip to Oslo (no internet connection in 
Seljord), and find that some of you have just read some letters
I sent months ago. I wonder if these are the same messages that 
didn't appear in the local USENET group, which in turn made me
subscribe to the list, because I thought some messages were 
lost when sent to the group. Oh, well...

So the reason why I never got any answers to my question about the 
life of Scrooge story could just be that noone read it. I was kind 
of worried that I had scared Augie away, since he didn't send any 
letters for a while.

DON, I'm really looking forward to the next weeks of DD&Co! There
was no Rosa in #1, and apparently nothing in #2, though, but still,
since #1 contains the first part of "Race to the South Seas", it's
not a bad issue (yes _that_ one). There's also a new van Horn story.
     I'll probably type in a review of the latest issues later today,
or tomorrow. Then I'll go back to Seljord for a few days again. The 
snow is perfect for skiing these days!

Just before Christmas James asked me something about the Detroit 
Electric, but I understand that he's not here anymore. I hope he
will be back someday. Anyway, if anyone should be wondering:
Yes, the passengers are facing the driver, and the controls of
the car (whatever to call it -- it's not a steering wheel) are in 
the middle of the car.

The Norwegian issues from the late sixties have codes for most 
stories, so I have a lot of codes for "old" Fethry and Hog Haid Moe
(or whatever) stories. Most of them have X-codes, a few have S-codes,
and some of them have T-codes (yeah, they are certainly Italian). 
No HHM stories with T-codes.

I've also found three copies (or rather 2.66) of the Norwegian version
of "War of the Wendigo". The story is spread over three issues. I've
got two complete, and one missing the middle part. The issues are
second hand, but they are complete, and don't look too bad. If anyone
is interested, just tell me. And, no, I'm certainly not doing this for

Loki Sky-walker... There's something familiar with that name... It's 
not from Norse mythology, though... hmm...

Happy new year to all of you!

              May the force be with you.

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