Jippes and the JWW

Torsten Wesley Adair torsten at cwis.unomaha.edu
Thu Jan 5 07:56:43 CET 1995

On Fri, 30 Sep 1994, James Williams wrote:

> You're both correct.  Carl Barks gave up drawing comic books before he
> quit writing them.  The catch is that Carl didn't use scripts, he used
> rough breakdowns instead.  According to Mark Evanier, this was a 
> normal method used by most "funny animal" publishers.  I think Archie
> Comics still uses this method.  So Carl Barks wrote a series of
> Junior Woodchuck stories.  These were finished by other people and
> printed.  But, the artwork wasn't anything special.  Daan Jippes
> has been re-inking these stories.
When I attended the Barks exhibit in Hannover, Germany, they had a JWW
story on display.  The pages were the rough pencils and layouts from
Barks, and the story was about the JWWs ferrying animals to a nature
preserve.  (One of the acronyms was A.R.K.)  It was quite funny, and I
wonder why Gladstone doesn't publish these, either from the original Gold
Key issues, or the re-inkings.  As Don Rosa has proven, a good story can
lessen bad art.  (Just kidding, Don!  Your art is wonderful!)  And from
what I can recall, the early HDLs had decent art.

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