DD&Co #51

Jørgen Andreas Bangor jorgenb at ifi.uio.no
Thu Jan 5 21:35:01 CET 1995

It's about three weeks since I sent the last review of Norwegian
Disney magazines. Time to start again. You should have recovered 
from the last ones now :-)

Donald Duck & Co #51

In the lead story (D94050, 10 pages) Donald is a journalist in a
newspaper. He has just got an interview with a famous actor, but
right after the actor has left the house, Donald manages to 
destroy the tape. Therefore he follows the actor's car to get a new 
interview. He follows the wrong car, and ends up in a space 
laboratory. He is sent out in space by accident, and the spaceship
crashes at the North Pole. He gets an interview with Santa Claus.
Art by Vicar.

Next is a Beagle Boys story (D92050, 8 pages). A group of actors
are coming to the prison to entertain the prisoners. The BB take
their place and escapes from the prison. To get out of town they
steal a sled, and dresses like Santa Claus. They go to a small 
house outside the city where they believe there is food and money.
Not so. The house has fallen apart. The real Santa Claus finds 
them, and transports them back to the prison.

Third is a Gyro Gearloose story (D93058, 4 pages). The guards in
a lighthouse are isolated because of a storm. Therefore the coast
guard cannot send them food for Christmas. GG is trying to do it 
with his flying saucer. It chrashes. Then he dresses up in a 
diving suit, and walks under water out to the lighthouse.

Oh, no... another Zoom Transport story (D93291, 8 pages). And if
that wasn't enough... it's a continuation story! Oh, well. The 
Phantom Blot builds an antenna to make peoples TV screens 
hypnotize them. Then he can be the world leader.

Last is a DD one-pager (KF 6.2.46).

There's also an extra issue coming with this issue. The comic
adaption of the Lion King. No code. I didn't buy Marvel's 
adaption, so I don't know if it's the same. If it is, I guess that
would be an answer to Fredrik's question about the rights to their
Disney stories.


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