DD&Co #52

Jørgen Andreas Bangor jorgenb at ifi.uio.no
Thu Jan 5 21:38:16 CET 1995

Donald Duck & Co #52

The lead story is a Dutch story (H8499, 10 pages). A foreign stamp
collector is coming to  Duckburg to buy a stamp from Scrooge. Scrooge
refuses to sell it. Donald wants to help HDL with their stamp collection
(they will sell the stamps to buy icecream), and tears off the stamp from
the letter, where this collector is telling he's coming. He also tears of
a bit of the letter. This makes Scrooge believe that the collector wants
to buy a pillow from him. He puts the pillow in a box, and asks Donald
to deliver it. Donald wants to send it by mail instead of walking to 
the hotel. He then puts a stamp on it. Guess which one!
Rest of the story is about getting it back. A good story. Good art.
Art by Jan Guldbransson (thanks, Harry. Your index is very useful :)

Next is a Beagle Boys story (D92313, 6 pages). The BB are released from
prison. Their nephews come to visit them. After some days, the BB want
to get back to the prison.

The third story is a Madam Mim story (H90102, 2 pages). She wants an 
egg for breakfast. She finds it to be very difficult to use magic to
create one.

The fourth story is Barks' "Serum to Codfish Cove" (WR/WDC 114 A, 
10 pages).

Then the second, and (fortunately) last part of the Zoom Transport 
story (D93291, 8 pages).

Last is a DD one-pager (KF 10.13.46).


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