DD&Co #1 1995

Jørgen Andreas Bangor jorgenb at ifi.uio.no
Thu Jan 5 21:40:48 CET 1995

Donald Duck & Co #1 1995

The lead story is a van Horn story (D93491, 10 pages). Donald is
a fish controller in zone seven. His job is to count all the fishes
in his part of the sea to make sure they are all there. He drives a
strange fish, which doesn't belong there, away. This makes his chief 
very angry, because the fish is very rare. If Donald doesn't find the
fish, he will be fired.

Nest is a Mickey story (D93256, 8 pages). Horace buys a lot of knight
suits from the theatre, and makes it a new trend in Duckburg to wear
Stupid idea. Why would anyone walk around in panser plates? The art 
looks like Tello.

The third story is a Br'er Rabbit story (D94018, 4 pages). It's about
an election in the forest. Very inconsistent.

Then a Gyro Gearloose story (D93410, 6 pages). Emil Eagle is trying 
to steal something from Gyro before he gets a patent on it. Gyro makes
up a lot of things to prevent the eagle from getting close to him. This 
also prevent all his friends from getting close to him.
Good story.

Then the first part of Barks' "Race to the South Seas" (W/M.O.C. 41 1949).

Last is a Pluto one-pager (KF 6.11.39).


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