MM #1 1995

Jørgen Andreas Bangor jorgenb at
Thu Jan 5 21:42:23 CET 1995

Mikke Mus #1 1995

First another bad Mickey story (D93153, 6 pages). Mickey is visited
by a foolish and naive cousin. He gets into trouble, and Mickey gets
him out of it.

In the second story (D90189, 17 pages) Scrooge is told that one of 
his oil wells in Alaska is empty. He goes there to check it, and 
finds that an alien space ship has crashed there. 
A few good gags, but mostly stupid.

The third story is better, though not much better (D91395, 8 pages). 
Donald and HDL has just seen a werewolf movie. The boys are really
scared. Donald finds it very amusing to scare them even more. They 
take revenge by dressing Donald like a werewolf while he is asleep. 
He scares up most of the neighboorhood while he's chasing a thief. 
The werewolf look disappear when he falls into the water, but he's 
put in jail because the police want to see if he turns into a werewolf 
again at next fullmoon.

Last is a Goofy one-pager (D93320). 


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