At last!

Fredrik Ekman ekman at
Fri Jan 6 00:20:00 CET 1995

On Fri, 30 Dec 1994, Fabio Gadducci wrote:
> And what about Gancio? The raven Elmer (it first appeared in a September
> 1949 Sunday Page, drawn by Manuel Gonzales, if I remeber correctly) is
> quite a well known character in Italy.

I am confused. (That may be my normal state of mind, but now I am more so 
than usually.) Did we not agree that his English name is Ellsworth? Or is 
there something wrong with my memory?

> About the super-extra-magnificent edition of 'Horsing around...'
> [...]
> And as it is obvious, she did not know anything about the other European
> editions, even if the statement of 'first edition ever' is quite ambiguous
> and could be intepreted as 'first English edition ever': but I know for
> sure she didn't know anything about the other European editions.

There was something similar in the Swedish edition. On the cover, they 
wrote something like "Only in Kalle Anka & Co!". Of course, this could be 
interpreted as "In Sweden, only in KA", but that is absolutely stupid. I 
mean, in what other Swedish publication would it appear besides this?


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