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Ave ALL!

        As a new subscriber to Disney Comics mailing list, I've found
some messages about Disney collectibles; many about the Uncle $crooge
banks and the like.  Anybody know something about Disney coin

        The only such collection I know has been released by Abril and
the coins were given away with their comics around 1977/78 (I'm not 100%
sure). The coins pictured the most popular characters.  I remember I
found the collection pretty disappointing since the otherwise
well-struck coins became rusty (in less than one week!) and just a light
polishing exposed the iron core under the brass (?) coating.  They
released also a fine paper cash register kit for keeping the collection.

        The '72 "No. 1 coin" included with _Manual do Tio Patinhas_ was
something worse: a smaller coin in a lighter (supposedly more fragile)
material with dismal engraving.

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