David & Karl-Erik

Dwight Decker deckerd at agcs.com
Tue Jan 10 22:33:31 CET 1995

DAVID: I guess my information about Egmont's plans
and requirements is a little outdated, if things
have changed that drastically.  I should talk to
the people in Copenhagen more often. It still
looks to me like the minor characters would be
the best place for a newbie writer to start.
Everybody wants to write the Ducks, but somebody
enthusiastic about writing Lil Bad Wolf or Brer
Rabbit or Mad Madam Mim would probably be welcomed
as the answer to a desperate editor's prayers.

KARL-ERIK: I've lost your snail-mail address and
e-mail to you keeps bouncing back as undeliverable.
If you're not getting mail from me, it's not 
because I don't like you (but maybe my system
doesn't like you).


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