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Tue Jan 10 23:41:55 CET 1995

     I haven't said anything about ABBA, but thanks for the information
     About those Marvel Disney magazines -- I have, for some reason I
haven't found out yet, bought all of these (except for two issues that
the comic shop somehow lost), so I would be glad for the information.

A Dolt in the Deep
DAVID: I don't think that the idea of counting fish was that dumb. Of 
course it is a bit strange, but it is not a bad parody on how the 
population (of fish) is measured. It isn't that different from how the 
Nowegian whale populations are counted either (I _know_ they are not 
fish ;-). They aren't counted by divers, though -- they are observed 
from ships.
What I didn't like about the story, if I have to point at anything, is 
that they are interested in those fishes only because the aquarium will 
pay a lot of money for them. I think they should just be happy to have 
those fishes there at all, in the sea.

Knights and Bolts
Yes... It's Esteban. I was just a bit confused because Mickey is so big.
Tello's mouse has almost human proportions. It almost seems to me that 
he uses the character who walks around in different Disney parks as a 

Stempelkussen -> tempelkussen
HARRY: They used exactly the same gag in the Norwegian text. "Stempelpute" 
was made into "tempelpute". I thought this was a way to make a gag out of 
a not traslatable Dutch gag, but it was actually the same as the original! 
Maybe you use to call stamps "stempelkussen"?

Race to the South Seas
I haven't looked very close at it, but I'm quite sure I noted the name
"Kwaak" on the boat, so it's probably Jippes' version. At least I know
I have seen "Kwaak" somewhere :)

DAVID, what's your snail-mail address? I've got that DD&Co #39 (with your
Double Hex story) for you. It's not a used one :-)


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