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        (italian coins)

They were all based on a
  >series of historic stories. Time-travel or some such.

        I remember *that* series (called _Histo'ria e glo'ria da
dinastia Pato_ - I really miss the accents - in the Brazilian version).
The translation was first published in episodes around '74 (I havent't
read that edition; it belongs to my babyhood <G>) and now and then
republished in a single volume since '80.  The stand-alone episodes were
pasted together with a flimsy magic coins/trip to the moon plot (the
Brazilian publisher did something similar with U.S. Goofy's History
series).  The series as a whole seemed something disappointing to me as
it's Donald-bashing.

        But that's not related to the Brazilian coin collection.  Our
coins had the characters in their plain vanilla versions, not historical
characterization.  And they had been issued in '77-'78, just between the
two _Histo'ria e glo'ria..._ releases.

        I'd like to hear from Italians about that subject, too.

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