Disney-comics digest #546.

Bob Wright ARCHIMEDES at delphi.com
Wed Jan 11 03:16:46 CET 1995

DON:    I  am sure the bank exists.  I saw one at an antique dealer about 6
years ago.  The bank was overall green, the hat  being  brighter  than  the
rest.   The  bill  had  the brass spectacles, which consisted of two loops,
stuck into two small holes on top of it.  It was well done, and had it been
a cookie jar, I probably would have picked it up despite  the  $200+  price
tag.   The  bank  is  pictured  in  "The Collector's Encyclopedia of Cookie
Jars", first edition, by Fred and Joyce Roerig, 1991, in the Disney section
on pg. 298.  There are many other duck items in the book, including a  very
nice  Ludwig  von  Drake  jar.  The Scrooge bank is labeled "copyright Walt
Disney Prod., Ceramica de Cvernavaca".

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