Mickey Mouse in "Sky Island"

H.W. Fluks fluks at pcssdc.pttnwb.nl
Wed Jan 11 11:39:46 CET 1995

PAULO BARRETO wrote in Disney-comics digest #544:

>         The story is "Mickey e a Ilha do ce'u" (no code available)
> published originally in Brazilian _Mickey_ #12 (around mid-50's, I
> guess): Mickey and Goofy follow a flying car and find an island floating
> in the sky, inhabited by an idealistic "mad" scientist. (anybody know
> about that story?)

This is the MM story "Sky Island", of which (at least) two versions

1. The original newspaper strips (our database code YM 032)
   from 1936/37; plot and pencil Gottfredson, text Osborne, inks
   Taliaferro (reprinted in the USA in WDC 1/2 and WDC 582/583);

2. A re-make by Bill Wright, "MM and His Sky Adventure", in Mickey
   Mouse One Shot (aka Four Color Comic) 214.
   (Wasn't this version reprinted by Disney Comics? It's not in
   our database. Or am I mixing things up?)

Most likely, the re-make has been reprinted in Brazil.

(I expected David to have answered this... 8-)


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