Mickey Mouse in "Sky Isla

PAULO BARRETO paulo.barreto%hlbbs at ax.apc.org
Thu Jan 12 06:02:00 CET 1995

Ave, Harry!

HF>This is the MM story "Sky Island",

        Thanks for your help.  About the different versions: I have the
original '36/37 Gottfredson/Osborne version, reprinted in a '77 album.
That translation was originally printed in mid-50's; quite late, really,
but that time there were not so much Disney titles (only Donald from
1950 and later Mickey), although they always have published a lot of
those Gottfredson newspaper stories.

        Let's watch out for what David has to write about it...

           _____m__(0/\0)__m_____   Paulo Barreto

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