Brazilian Disney (Re: Carioca & Moe)

H.W. Fluks fluks at
Thu Jan 12 09:31:57 CET 1995

PAULO: we don't know much about Brazilian Disney comics on this
list, so maybe you can tell us something about them? When did
they start an own story production in Brazil?

There is _one_ Brazilian story reprinted in the USA that we know
of, and it's even drawn by Al Hubbard. In Goofy Adventures 5, 
"Sir Goofy, Knight of the Square Table". Its code is RMK 154.
Maybe you know what "RMK" means?

>        I'd list many other once-popular characters, but I don't know
> their English names

That's where a list of names in all kinds of languages comes in: we
have one available on the ftp site
(dir /pub/comics/disney/characters, file interlingual).
Maybe the Portuguese (Brazilian) names aren't there yet, but at least it
contains names and a short description in English of a lot of
well-known and less well-known Disney characters. Have a look at it!


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