Aku Ankka on kovis

Mike Pohjola mikep at freenet.hut.fi
Sat Jan 14 18:36:27 CET 1995

    Well, now when you mentioned the bank (if it is the one, where $crooge
has either blue or red coat and his black glasses and stick can both be
taken off) which is quite easy to get in Finland, since the Finnish
National bank - Kansallis-Osake-Pankki still gives them to kids for free.
So, us 'lurkers' (grr ;) from Finland would be delighted to send a one
for any of you people out there (of course, on your bill).
    Now, when we're on the issue, all kind of Disney merchandising is
very popular in Finland and there's a Finnish guy, Pentti Hauhiala or
something like that, who has many thousands of them and most of them were
bought in Finland. I've seen pictures of his house and there's nothing in
there which does NOT have Disney in it :)
    Your "Treasury of Croesus" was also printed in the Finnish Donald Duck
issue 1/1995, which was also the 2000th issue of the magazine and contained
about twenty extra pages where "Horsing around with history" was in.
> Loki Sky-walker... There's something familiar with that name...
    If you would translate "Loki" in a more American form such as "Luke"?-)
    Use the Force, Loki...:) 


	Mike - The Finnish Trekkie

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