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Ave ALL...

        Sorry for delayed replies; I was in last college test but now I
just have to take my diploma in March and watch many people eating their
hearts out... :-)


        The first Brazilian Disney title, _O Pato Donald_, has been
published since 1950, and since then all covers have been made by
Brazilian artists.  The first Brazilian stories appeared around 1960
but it took a long time until they were exported (but then Brazil began
importing a lot of Italian stories, too).

HF>There is _one_ Brazilian story reprinted in the USA.
  >Maybe you know what "RMK" means?

        Reprinted from (Brazilian title) _Mickey_.

        Other major codes: PD = Pato Donald; TP = Tio Patinhas (Uncle
$crooge); AD = Almanaque Disney; ZC = Ze' Carioca; MG = Margarida
(Daisy); DE = Disney Especial.

        I'm trying to download the interlingual list but I'm having some
trouble with FTPmail.  Please wait.

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