Disney-comics digest #553.

Bev Keddy nstn1173 at fox.nstn.ca
Sun Jan 15 14:15:30 CET 1995

 Also, please don't unsubscribe me (hah, hah).

Happy New Year, everyone.

I had a question for Don.  A few days ago he mentioned how Marvel is 
undergoing a sigificant downsizing.  This was the first I'd heard of it.  I 
was wondering if he has any more details on this?  I realize this doesn't 
have a lot to do with Disney comics so if he doesn't want to get into those 
details for that reason, I'll understand.

Also, does Don know whether Gladstone will collect his Life of Scrooge saga 
into an album?   I would certainly buy at least two copies:  one for me, 
and one for my niece.

Talk to you later.  I love this list!
 Bev Keddy
 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
 Email:nstn1173 at fox.nstn.ca

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