Disney-comics digest #554.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at compuserve.com
Mon Jan 16 04:25:19 CET 1995

	No, I don't know much more about the Marvel "downsizing" than I'd said.
Of the parts of the Marvel company, the toys and TV shows are earning plenty of
money, but as I said, comics are losing the buyer base they gained when the card
speculators jumped into the hobby about 5 years or so ago. Super-hero comic
sales are dropping. Marvel is downsizing to readjust to the market, and I would
be surprized if they didn't lop off the Disney titles (if Disney would allow
this) since those are not taken seriously by American comic buyers. But I dunno
-- they might sell pretty well being caught up in the American passion to let
Disney control them like sheep and buy LION KING this and ALLADIN that, ad
infinitum. Of course, the comics still require reading, which the t-shirts and
lunch boxes don't, so I don't know what they'll do.
	As to Gladstone, their sales are still fine, not being subject to any
effects of the loss of the card speculators and other American "collectibles
louts" that WIZARD magazine and its ilk have brought into the hobby. And they
defineitely WILL be publishing the "Lo$" as a collected album with lots of
extras. I think they might do it as 2 or 3 albums rather than one 230 page
hardback since that would be too expensive for lots of buyers -- but this is all
still well over a year in the future. 

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