Disney-comics digest #556.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at compuserve.com
Wed Jan 18 05:44:16 CET 1995

	Yes, my middle name is Hugo.
	Maybe I'm stupid, but it never occured to me in all these years that
"Huey" is a nickname for "Hugo". Is that true? * I just checked the dictionary
behind me, and it states that "Huey" is a form of "Hugh", but I guess it could
still just as well be short for "Hugo", as you say.
	As you say, that IS rather a coincidence, eh? Of course, only in the last
few years did I learn that $crooge was called "Joachim" in parts of Europe
(Denmark and ?), and that's not his "real" name as far as us Americans are
concerned (even though there have been far more publications that have called
him Joakim than $crooge, all told).
	But this is all a jumble of names and nickname forms of each other. My
name of Hugo is the Americanization of my father's name of Ugo. Keno is (as you
know) the nickname for Gioachino (Joakim).  The Italian name of Don is NOT short
for Donald, even though it may be derived from it as Joakim is from Gioachino.
	...Have I said enough yet? If you want more, I'll explain how I came by
four names instead of the normal three as thereby hangs a tale as well...

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