Scrooge Donald Huey Rosa

H.W. Fluks fluks at
Wed Jan 18 18:36:14 CET 1995

> "Huey" is a nickname for "Hugo". Is that true?

I always thought it was... Well, at least Hugo is the Mexican name of Huey.
And FYI: Scrooge is called Joakim in Denmark and Sweden.

> (even though there have been far more publications that have called
> him Joakim than $crooge, all told).

Are you talking about English publications? Or are you just referring to
the amount of Disney comics in the various countries?

> ...Have I said enough yet?

I'm always interested in tales about names. It's one of my hobbies. (Will the
rest of the list members allow an occasional non-Disney topic?)

--Harry (Harke Willem Fluks)

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