Huey/Hugh Duck and brothers

Wilmer Rivers rivers at seismo.CSS.GOV
Wed Jan 18 19:54:46 CET 1995

Inspired by Harry's and Don's discussion of names, specifically "Huey"
and "Hugh", I would like to raise again a subject about which we specu-
lated once before (maybe 2 years ago).  We were in fact speculating
about the "real" names of Donald's nephews.  We know that Louie once
corrected someone (maybe a butler?) who addressed him as "Louis", but
don't you suppose that his "real" name is actually "Louis" or "Lewis"
and that "Louie" is just a nickname?  I feel certain that "Dewey" is
never a genuine Christian name, since I have never seen it used any-
where except as a nickname for "Duane" or "Dwayne".  "Huey", however,
is a legitimate name in its own right, isn't it?  Such notables as
Louisiana governor Huey Long, rock singer Huey Lewis, Black Panther
leader Huey Newton, and Harvey Comics' Baby Huey are really named
"Huey" rather than "Hugh", I think.  However, someone named "Hugh"
could be called "Huey", I suppose, especially if his parents wanted
triplets with rhyming nicknames.  So could the names listed on their
birth certificates be "Hugh", "Duane", and "Louis"?  I for one would
like to think that the ducklings were given legitimate names at birth
and then called informally by the diminutive versions.  (Just like
Donald/Don and Dumbella/Della in the previous generation on their
family tree.)  Go ahead and flame me - that's my (completely unfounded)
opinion, and I'm sticking to it.

Wilmer Rivers
who thinks that "Hugh Duane Louis Donaldson" would make a fun pen-name!

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