Disney-comics digest #557.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at compuserve.com
Thu Jan 19 05:25:45 CET 1995

	Why do you think that the Hueys in Long, Newton, Lewis and Baby were not
nicknames for Hugh or Hugo? Have you seen all their birth certificates?

	Speaking of birth certificates, mine is typed "Don Hugo Rosa", with the
"Keno" written in at the front several years later.
	My grandfather established the American branch of the Rosas when he came
over from Italy in 1905. I was his first male grandchild, but my father chose
not to name me after my grandfather. To an old world Italian, this was the
supreme insult, and he disowned my father (so I'm told) and wouldn't let him
into the family tile business. My father then worked in the city traffic
department or something like that. Near the end of his life, my grandfather
persuaded my father to change my name (or ADD a name) in the early 50's in
return for being UNdisowned and allowed to join my uncle in the very successful
family business AND $1,000. I wasn't aware of any of this, but I did notice when
we moved from a small home in 1959 to an ultra-modern, beautiful, spacious home
in the country on three acres (six hectares?) which was featured in the Sunday
Magazine supplements of the time. It had things like sunken tile bathtubs,
enormous bathrooms of marble, 20 ft. ceramic tile murals in the stairwell (a
Ming Tree, I recall), and terrazzo floors throughout, even in the furnace room
and closets (terrazzo is something you'd never see outside of a fancy office
building or shopping mall). (You might guess that tile and terrazzo were the
subject of the family business.) All that, and I never use the name of Keno. 
	And I never got a share of that $1,000, so Disney isn't the first one to
screw me out of my royalties.

	And... of course I don't mean that English language comics have ever
called $crooge "Joakim", silly. But of all the pages of comic stories ever
printed about the richest Duck in the world, he has been referred to as
"$crooge" in nearly the fewest of them, considering how many more Duck comics
have been published in Europe while they have sputtered along in America. 

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