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        About Fethry, a lasting Brazilian favorite: does anybody know
about his "lovely" nephew?  The brat duckling was created in the early
80's and his French name is Bichou (or something like that).

        HARKE (oops) HARRY:

HF>at least Hugo is the Mexican name of Huey.

        That's right.  In Brazil Huey is translated as Huguinho, the
diminutive for Hugo (check out the interlingual list for reference; a
new version with some new Portuguese entries is coming soon - Tack,
Fredrik), but I really don't know whether Huey is a given name or a
nickname.  Louie also poses no trouble as Luisinho is the diminutive for
Luis.  But Dewey has always been baffling to me.  We call him Zezinho,
diminutive for the shortened form of Jose'.

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