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   >> Pjaske has a more pointed beak than
   >> the other Ducks and seems younger and more childlike than HD&L. I was
   >> wondering if this character is some Italian creation unknown on the
   >> North American continent? (I don't have the book with me, so "Pjaske"
   >> is from memory -- I may not be spelling it right.)

JSA>I think it's rather 'Pjuske'. - I'll read the story tonight! - I'm not
   >sure if the his look has changed. _I_ wasn't in doubt who it was.

        After that discussion I don't know whether we're talking about
the same character.  As far as I know (he's not exactly my favorite;
Feathry alone is enough funny), Fethry's nephew has yellow feathers (as
a real duckling) and wears a hood (as Fethry's, but without the
pom-pom).  The description by Dwight is pretty close, but unlike Jacob's
previous mesage (not quoted), I have never seen Biquinho in that kind of
adventure story - at least not in B-coded stories.  And the earliest
Biquinho stories are from early 80's (1982, I think) when Brazilian
publishers launched a contest to elect his best coloring.

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