Disney-comics digest #559.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at compuserve.com
Sat Jan 21 05:59:24 CET 1995

	I received the Dutch Disney comics you sent -- THANKS! Now, what can I do
for you?
	I see they used my "Son of the Sun" after 8 years. I wish they had stated
that it was my first story and that I apologize for the hideous art... but then
they don't give credits on the stories, and the readers won't know who to blame
	I also see they used a few more of the "Lo$"... including using the
3-part chapter 8 as one part. But they used the WRONG version! Can you please
give a quick phone call to your friend there at the publisher (BV it's called?)
and tell him that there are now optional versions of all my three-parters with
extra pages of story and art which will allow the story to be used without those
large splash-panels! Please call them and tell him that before they get to the
3-part chapter 11. On the other hand.... perhaps they KNOW this, but still
choose to use the three-part version, as awkward as that looks, since they use
Egmont's coloring and none of the Egmont countries used (and colored) those
extra pages. Hm.

	Whatever you speculate that the names of the Ducks are, be sure of one
thing -- Donald's sister's name is NOT "Dumbella". Even though I always say that
my versions of these characters and their histories are just MY versions, and no
one is expected to accept it over any other, I still wish to say that I won't
sit still whenever I hear that anyone would suggest that a character in the Duck
Family would have such a stupid name as "Dumbella". Della is not short for
Dumbella... if it has to be short for something, it's short for... Dellaaaaa.

	You worded your question to me in such a fashion that I can't tell what
you're asking. What issues of the Finnish DONALD DUCKs do I want? As I said,
only the issues that reprint my stories (or have articles about me as you've

	THANK YOU for that translation!!! I have that issue with the article
about me but I couldn't read a word of it, and you might imagine that I often
get curious about what is being said about me that is being read by a
quarter-million people. I have no idea who wrote that article, but it's all 100%
accurate... somebody did a good job. I especially like the fact that they
mention that my stories take place in the 50's and that had alluded to the
Croesus treasure as far back as "The Son of the Sun" (except as it was used in
Holland as I seem to see that they changed the name on that exhibit in their
recent reprint of that tale -- they always change any authentic names of places
or historical figures, don't they? Erg!). That bit of the Croesus treasure in
the museum case was the bit found in the hollow column at Ephesus, eh?
	Is it your wording, or does the writer seem to imply that I "think" that
Croesus invented coinage, as if it's not true? I like it when the translators
check up on my facts, but in this case they'd find that there is no agreement
among historians (there never is!) as to when coins originated. But I hope the
translators allow me "artistic license" when the story DEPENDS on a particular
interpretation of historical evidence, and don't screw me up.
	Now that you've seen the Croesus story, please assure me that they used
the correct ONE-PART version of the story in their special supplement issue, and
not the 3-part version!
	And... how did you like it...? I disliked it so much while I was doing it
that I called it "the Croesus mess". 

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