Croesus and coinage

Arne H. Juul arnej at
Sat Jan 21 15:29:52 CET 1995

 From: Don Rosa <72260.2635 at>

 >       Is it your wording, or does the writer seem to imply that I
 > "think" that Croesus invented coinage, as if it's not true?

More like you think Croesus invented coinage, but the historians don't
know if he did or not. Maybe they just didn't want the historians to
get angry with them :-) I think it is understood that you use it as a
premise and base the story on it. I found the wording in the Norwegian
a bit funny too.

But I haven't actually seen you Croesus story - this article was a
promotion for the next issue, due Tuesday. We're very eagerly waiting
for it, and I'll tell you what I think about it when I've read it.


  - Arne H. J.

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