Disney-comics digest #561.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at compuserve.com
Mon Jan 23 05:39:09 CET 1995

	Well, I don't mean to cause "agony", but I really do dislike my art. At
least lots of it. I can't draw the ducks the same from panel to panel -- their
beaks are always getting longer or shorter and their heads are always twisted
and contorted. But perhaps it looks that way because I have such a PRECISE
style... indeed, I draw the same way I used to design truss diagrams when I was
an engineer, using templates and rulers and compasses. When a Van Horn Duck
changes from panel to panel, one wouldn't notice since his style is very loose
and pliable all the time; my precise style exaggerates minute changes. And I
really hate my buidings and people and cars in the backgrounds, because I was
never taught how to handle that stuff.
	Anyway, maybe by the time Gladstone reprints that Croesus story I'll be
able to look at it in a fresh light and decide it's not the mess it seemed at
the time. But you'll need to tell me what you think of the next story, "The
Universal Solvent" -- that one I LIKED while I was doing it.

	Yes, I would like ANY Finnish issues that reprint my stories. After all,
that's not all THAT many... only a half-dozen or so each year. As for issues
that simply mention me in the editor's section -- I didn't realize that was
going on, but sure, if it's possible, I'd like copies of those as well, assuming
that doesn't add so many to the total, which I assume it doesn't (?).

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