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Yesterday was a Good Day - coming home with a new
Don Rosa story - sitting down in my best chair  - lighting up my 
best pipe - open the package - smell the cover - admire the cover 
look at the back cover - holding my breath - relighten
the pipe that went out while I held my breath - open the book and 

My complements and thanks for the Croesus story! It is
long time since I laughed so much from a Duck story
as when I read the first two pages. (In fact I am still laughing.
People look at me. You have a lot to answer for.) My only
major criticism is the same as for all your stories: it was too short!
Of course I have to read it three or four times to get the details,
but it is still too short. And to all: Study those two first pages 

And I will comment no further on the story so not to spoil it, 
but for those who are waiting: You have a treat coming! 

As to the song, they translated the text from the original and made 
rhyme and rythm out of it. I tried to hum it to what I remember from the 
original Groucho Marx song, but could not make it fit. Anyway, it
made a good running gag, and the text had several double meanings
satisfying dirty old men like me, so they kept the flavour of the 
original. Or some of it at least.


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