[From David] "Pork-Barrel Politics" coming!

Per Starback starback at Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE
Wed Jan 25 12:56:31 CET 1995

[ Oops, I had some technical problems here which meant that five
  messages didn't arrive to the list.  Four of those are already resent
  (by Harry and Even).  The remaining one is the following message from
  David Gerstein:                                             /Per ]

      P. S.  Egmont's Stefan Printz-Pahlson informed me that my 
second original story, "Pork-Barrel Politics," should appear in most 
Egmont weeklies 5/1995 -- much sooner than I had suspected.  So 
you'll get to see my pig tale almost immediately (next week, I 
think).  When you read it, please note that the right-hand pig in the 
last panel of the story should have been drawn winking at HDL, and 
that this will be added when Gladstone publishes the tale.

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