Disney comics Databas: new version

H.W. Fluks fluks at pcssdc.pttnwb.nl
Wed Jan 25 13:18:34 CET 1995

There is a new version of the Disney comics Database available from ftp
(ftp.lysator.liu.se, subdir pub/comics/disney/index).

The Database contains a lot of information about Disney stories, grouped
in several indexes:

- stories indexes: lists of stories per story code, for instance the AR-coded
  (Gladstone) stories. These lists also have all known reprints of the

- indexes by creator: lists of stories and covers done by Barks, Rosa and
  Van Horn. Again, including all known reprints (in the USA, Sweden and
  the Netherlands).

- indexes by country: a Western index, a Gladstone/Disney index, a Swedish
  index and a Dutch index.

The ultimate goal of the Database is to include all Disney comics stories
in the world...

Improvements in this version (amongst a lot of things):

- The Swedish index is expanded a lot, and a lot of Swedish titles have
  been added. Thank to Anders Engwall!

- The Swedish titles are now in Latin-1. Thanks to Fredrik Ekman!

- A lot of credits have been added to the Western (Dell) stories, from
  Becattini's index.

- The lists of Silly Symphonies and WDC are improved, thanks to David

- The Dutch index now also contains the complete Dutch Barks index (thanks
  to Harry Fluks 8-)

- The layout of the output files has changed a bit.

- In the source programs section, a new program is added: 'diznichk'.
  I use it to check the format of the 'original' database files.

The R:-title ("Ekman") problem has not been solved yet, that (and two
dozen other things) remains for one of the next versions...

I hope you can read the database files, find it useful and don't
hesitate to give comments or improvements!


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