Carl Barks & Co. No. 22

Nisse J. Krenchel Nisse_J._Krenchel at
Wed Jan 25 23:26:32 CET 1995

I'm new on this list - so maybe everybody know this...

The Danish fanzine 'Carl Barks & Co.'  One shot No. 22 is out - and I guess
it's the ultimate
description of 'The Carl Barks Europe Tour 1994'.

I just bought it in my local comic shop - and I haven't read it all. But the
whole fanzine is in
English - so at least everybody on this list should have a chance of reading

There are articles by Milton, Jippes, van Horn and many others - it's 56
pages, and the price
is DKK 53,50 (app. $9,00) - the address is:

Forlaget Sejd
J. Brochmandsgade 7,
2200 Copenhagen N

If you have the possibility of Giro-transfer, the number is:
6 72 79 64

By the way... least a decent mailing-list!!!

Nisse Krenchel

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