Disney-comics digest #566.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at compuserve.com
Sat Jan 28 05:57:28 CET 1995

	I need the PICSOU #256 & 266. I would need a JOURNAL #2209, but I would
be surprised that issue number could have been reached by now. But I guess it's
weekly and #2209 is a very recent issue? 
	I just sent a FAX to the guy in EuroDisneyland (or whatever they call
that place now) who told me the French publisher was going to send me all those
issues but never did. I haven't heard from him, but I can still use a few extra
issues if you can get those for me. No need to send them anytime soon unless
you're anxious to get them outta the way -- otherwise you can just set them
aside for me and perhaps add to the stack later on.

	Yes, I would be very interested in getting the Finnish issues with my
stories. Same situation there -- the Finnish publisher has long promised them to
me but never delivered.
	Uh... you said you were going to describe that 400 page book to me but
you never did. What could be the difficulty in describing the thing? Just what
does it contain in general? What is its purpose? Title?
	What am I currently working on? Just last week I sent off a story about
$crooge and Donald being shrunk to microbe size that featured the Beagle Boys.
Now I am doing the research on a new "Life and Times of $crooge McDuck" chapter
which will be taking place after chapter 8 and just after the flashback in "Back
to the Klondike". This is a "special" story being done in part for the
centennial celebration of Dawson City and the Yukon Gold Rush that will be
printed in a special issue by Gladstone and be also sold as a souvenir in
Canada. So I need to be EXTRA accurate... and that means that I'll need to
depict Dawson City differently as I did in chapter 8; the American city of
Skagway was the lawless, crime-ridden murder-capital-of-the-world, not the
peaceful Canadian city of Dawson which was run by the NWMP. 

	I have read TREASURE and listened to the audio-tapes of SAHARA and RAISE
THE TITANIC (while drawing). I can't resist the plot synopsis on the jackets --
they sound like EXACTLY the sort of stories I would love! But after 3 Cussler
books, I have sworn to stop torturing myself. He is without a doubt the WORST
writer I have ever read, and I don't consider myself too demanding, especially
on pulp-fiction like he writes. He seems to be getting fed these great plots by
someone far more intelligent than is writing the juvenile text.
	I read TREASURE about a year before doing GotLL, but I'd always been
interested in the L of A and read some other book about it once before. I think
I disliked TREASURE far less than the asinine SAHARA. I wonder if I swiped any
ideas from it, even though I wouldn't have wanted to. I'm very happy you saw no
	Speaking of similarities, that fan who I mentioned called me from Norway
last night said that he thought the Croesus story was too similar to my GotLL. I
hope I haven't run out of plots already!

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