Redrawing and censorship in Barks stories

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Mon Jan 30 16:02:09 CET 1995

Regarding Jon Cato Lorentzen's horror stories about Norwegian Barks
reprints circa 1970:

Although Norway and Sweden do not have their publishing in parallell --
like Sweden and Denmark have -- they apparently share (or at least shared
then) the source material. I recognize very well the examples of *awful*
editing Jon mentions. For a fairly comprehensive list of these atrocities,
check out the Swedish index files for this period (ca. 1968-71) and look for
comments like "redrawn", " 10" and "pages missing". There are quite
a lot...
> As for the cutting of pages, I have read a couple of Barks-stories that
> have been cut from 10 to 4 pages! The story where Donald is building the
> worlds largest kite was presented in the early seventies with only the last
> four pages remaining.

I think this is actually the *only* 4-page 10-pager. "Gladstone's Terrible
Secret" comes a close second -- it was cut down to six pages when reprinted
in issue #12 of 1971.

>The reasoning behind this evades me.

Me too. One should perhaps point out that Barks reprints weren't the *only*

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