Missing Kelly stuff

DAVID.A.GERSTEIN 9475609 at arran.sms.edinburgh.ac.uk
Mon Jan 30 18:16:45 CET 1995

      MARK MAYERSON and STEVE THOMPSON:  Good gosh!  I'M the guy who 
mentioned the Kelly cover on NF #77 and the Woody story in NF #109!!! 
I KNEW there was something I'd forgotten to send to somebody!  Sadly 
my collection's back home in Santa Barbara, so I'll have my dad send 
copies of the relevant stuff your way -- when I get Steve's ADDRESS 
again (I lost it, along with the rest of my address book, in an 
unfortunate accident).
      I have NF #69, #71 and #72, also.  I'll see about sending the 
Brownie stories in those your way.
      By the way -- since your Kelly Reference Guide was published, I 
took a look at WDC&S 50.  The "Three Caballeros" story in there is 
very clearly Carl Buettner's work.
      The titles of the Barney stories in OG #1, by the way, are 
"Barney Bear Has a Good Plan for Hiber-National Defense" and "Proving 
Bears Don't Go For Gophers and Gophers Can Hardly Bear Bears!"  I 
bought a copy of this comic last summer.
      Last -- can any Kelly fan give me Mark Burstein's current 
address and telephone number?  I have lost touch with him.
      And:  I would like to subscribe to the Fort Mudge Most, now 
that the stuff from the Dell days is being discussed.  I'm a bit out 
of it -- who do I send the money, and how much?

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