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Mark Mayerson mayerson at sidefx.sidefx.com
Wed Jul 12 14:48:27 CEST 1995

Folks, I'm really confused.  Can somebody say for sure if the CBL is
being reprinted or not?

Daniel van Eijmeren wrote:

> As you might know, I posted a message from Jakob Soderbaum in the 
> last week of June in which he tells a bit about it. But he only told 
> about the Westfield catalog, that they cost about $ 140 each and that 
> they started with the first three parts.

The first three sets (The Donald Four Colors and Donald series in volumes
I and II, the first 20 issues of Scrooge in Volume III) are still
available from Bud Plant in California and have always been.  Are the
Westfield sets just more stock and not a reprinting?

Someone here said that the set was due for reprinting starting in November.
Is this correct?  Has anybody seen a printed ad from Gladstone about
price and release schedule if this is true?

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