Jørgen Andreas Bangor jorgenb at
Wed Mar 1 15:34:17 CET 1995

Knut about Goofy stories:
>I would actually like to see more of them! 

Yes, actually I agree. Most of the stories are really good, and it's 
very clear that there is a lot of work put into them. 
You do not misunderstand -- the D&M prints them in magazine format,
which means that a lot of the art is simply removed. That makes them
suffer a lot, because, IMNSHO, the art outside of the panels are very
important for the "feeling" of the story.
     About twenty (a little more) have been published here. I don't 
think that "invisible" story is among them (H. G. Wells, isn't it? I 
read that a few years ago). 

I remember one gag I liked from the Beethoven story. It's something like
this: Goofy is walking down the street carrying a huge piano. A couple of 
neighboors watch him.
     - Isn't that Beethoven's son?
     - No, that's Steinway's son.
When someone is knocking at a door, it doesn't say "knock, knock", but
"bartok, bartok". When a piano is falling down several floors, it says

Anders about the engine story:
>This is a 10-pager drawn by Tony Strobl and published in the Swedish weekly
>#36 of 1968. I *guess* the original U.S. publishing was in 1966 or 1967.

Ah! That was one of my favourites when I was a child. It could have 
something to do with those three American vintage cars standing behind
the house. My father seemed to find it very interesting spending a lot
of time under their hoods.

Unfortunately I don't have the time to make a review of the Norwegian
weekly now. I'm going to Fredrikstad for a few days. It will come early
next week. Except for a few non-interesting stories, it contains a Barks 
ten-pager, and the first part of the sequel to the dinosaur story drawn 
by Ferioli. 


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