Knut Hunstad Knut.Hunstad at
Wed Mar 1 15:54:56 CET 1995

About those Goofy stories...
>You do not misunderstand -- the D&M prints them in magazine format,
>which means that a lot of the art is simply removed. That makes them
>suffer a lot, because, IMNSHO, the art outside of the panels are very
>important for the "feeling" of the story.

I can't imagine them without, that art more or less _is_ the point with
those stories!

>think that "invisible" story is among them (H. G. Wells, isn't it? I 
>read that a few years ago). 

That's right! My closest library gives me an ISBN of 0-330-29785-6 for a
version printed in London by Pan Books in 1987. There is also a norwegian
translation available. Tell me if you want a reference, but I'd guess any
decent library has a copy of this story.

>     - Isn't that Beethoven's son?
>     - No, that's Steinway's son.

In the norwegian version (was that the one you read?) I'm quite sure the
answer is: "No, that's a Steinway & Son". I haven't read it for many years,
though, so I may be wrong...

>When someone is knocking at a door, it doesn't say "knock, knock", but
>"bartok, bartok". When a piano is falling down several floors, it says

That's one of the things that makes the Beethoven story one of the best in
the series. It's like that all the way.


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