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Per Starback starback at Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE
Thu Mar 2 23:15:38 CET 1995

David wrote about the WWW page on Disney comics:

 * The address of the WWW page is

 * The problem you have with accessing the FTP links when using one
particular browser must be a local problem at your site -- not
something to do with the page as such.

 * Yes, maybe it's about time to advertise the page and try to get
links to it from relevant places (about Disney or comics).  I didn't
want that first as I would have liked to do more work on them first.
But as it seems I don't get the time for that anyway soon, I might as
well go public with what we have.

 * Having more information on how to subscribe from Gladstone sounds
like a good idea.  Submissions for the WWW pages are always welcome,
preferably in html code (the stuff you write WWW pages in), but those
who don't know about that are welcome to write in ordinary text as

 * As of now, the WWW page is unaccessible though.  Sorry about that!
It's just because I forgot to pay my membership fee in the club that
owns the computer it's on.  I hope I soon will be back there!
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