HERO, Don Rosa memories, and boycotts

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Subject: HERO, Don Rosa memories, and boycotts

Odd subject, eh?

I apologize for the header on top, but I'm forced to use the other 
e-mailing system for reasons beyond my control today...

A couple of things in response to a couple of things from DON ROSA:

1.  HERO Illustrated: Since they dropped the price guide, they've
changed the format a little to allow for a lengthy, in-depth look
into one family of titles.  So far they've done DC's Legion books,
the Star Trek titles, Marvel's X-Men and related titles, EC, and the
Valiant line.  From this you can infer that they stay in one company,
or at least on family of titles (such as in Star Trek's case).  What
I'm trying to say here - and taking a tremendous amount of space in
saying - is that I tend to think they are going to focus in on the 
Disney titles.  It probably won't, as you fear, incorporate all the
'juvenile' titles.  I think Archie, for example, would merit its own

Then again, there is a HERO rep on-line.  Maybe I'll e-mail him and

2.  Inspired by a couple of other's posts, here now is my story of
"How I became a Don Rosa fanboy": I read "His Majesty, McDuck".  It
was printed by Gladstone near the end of its run when I first started 
picking up the duck books, led there thanks to DuckTales.  (But that's
a dead topic now.)  My first recollections are walking into the local
neighborhood comic book store and seeing about three shelves filled with
Gladstones, Harveys, and Archies.  I, of course, stuck to the Duck books,
picking up in the first couple of months: Micro-Ducks From Outer Space and
His Majesty McDuck.  I was in the superhero-hot-artist fanboy stage back
then (and _still_ had enough taste to enjoy these titles!) and loved
what you refer to as the "nattering detail" (I think that's the phrase)
very much.  I still do.  And besides, I'm a sucker for sword fights.

Now if we could only get Gladstone to reprint it...  You know, they 
probably would if they didn't have to keep printing new Rosa stories. ;)
JUST A JOKE, FOLKS!  (I don't want to get flamed here.)

EVERYONE:  A note to the general readership: I didn't mean for anyone to take
seriously my theoretical boycott of Gladstone.  I'm not going to anytime
soon, nor will anyone on this list, I presume.  It would, as I pointed
out in the original message even if everyone who quoted it failed to include,
be a terrible idea and lead to nothing good.

I now return you to the regularly scheduled Duck programming...

-Augie De Blieck Jr.
"A hula in a canoe is tricky business."  -Donald Duck

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