DD&Co #10

Jørgen Andreas Bangor jorgenb at ifi.uio.no
Fri Mar 10 20:50:49 CET 1995

Donald Duck & Co #10 1995

- Donald Duck (93552, 12 pages). Art by Vicar.
Donald is trying to become an astronaut. Just another boring story 
were Donald is trying to prove something to the nephews (and the rest 
of the world), I thought, but I'm glad to say I was wrong. This story
is really good. The Duckburg Space Center is looking for a new astronaut
to mann their new rocket. This is to get the rocket in the air before
Goosetown get their launched. There is a spy from Goosetown among the
appliers. Donald makes friends with him without knowing this. The 
spy thinks he is sabotaging the rocket by making Donald win the test
which was supposed to find out who was best suited for the job.
Ah, you'll have to read it. The art is good to.

- Gyro Gearloose (D93276, 4 pages). Art by Scalabroni.
Gyro's inventing a thing that's supposed to tell him if there will be
any avalanches. 

- Goofy (D9334, 2 pages). Art by Noel van Horn.
Goofy is having some interesting experiences with a magician's hat.
The art is really good!

- Donald Duck (H8316, 10 pages). Art by Jan Guldbrandsen.
Donald doesn't want to go to the cinema with HDL, because there are
only bad movies. He suddenly changes his mind when he finds a ticket
on the ground. The nephews want to come with him, so he tries to 
find three more tickets. The people standing in the line find this
very annoying. Then Gladstone is coming. He finds money to buy a 
ticket at once. It's developing into a classic fight between Donald
and Gladstone. Donald is then trying to make it into an art to find 
money in the street, but people find it disgusting. Then Uncle
Scrooge comes into the story. He's fooling Donald to give him a 
valuable coin he just found. Then they're fighting about it, and the
coin disappears. It is at last fonud by Gladstone, but then disappears
again -- in the money bin.
This story is just great, and the art is fantastic! If I had anything
to do with Gladstone (the publisher) I would have suggested this story
to them.

- Mickey Mouse (D94073, 8+ pages, total 16 pages). Pat McGreal, Ferioli.
Second and last part of the dino sequel. I shows up that the sheriff is
just angry because the farmer earns so much money on the dinosaurs. He
therefore acts like a criminal to scare people away, so he can take over
the farm. The horse, which doesn't like the dinosaurs very much either,
is saving Mickey and the farmer from the sheriff.
The art is good, but the story isn't much to brag about.

- Donald Duck (KF11.25.51, one page).

   Jorgen, Norwegian maniac

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