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Steve Crooks scrooks at tyrell.net
Tue Mar 21 04:37:49 CET 1995

Mike wrote:
>     Uncle Scrooge - The Lemonade King (1960), a hardcover children's book 
>     by Barks for $350.

My older brother had this book and one other U$ when he was a kid and I somehow
(luckily) inherited them.  Until now I thought they were most likely
worthless to non-duck fans.  Of course, they're still worth more to me than
I think anyone would ever be likely to offer--in cash anyway.

The first one, _Uncle Scrooge: The Lemonade King_, is credited as "Pictures
by Carl Barks and Norm McGary".  It also has my brothers signature in the
front, and *plenty* of crayon marks--made by me, if I remember correctly.
Maybe I should take it as some kind of sign that I should change my career
and draw ducks....

The second book, _Uncle Scrooge: Rainbow Runaway_, was published in 1965
and is credited as "by Homer Brightman, illustrated by Frank McSavage and
Tony Stroobl".  This one is also, surprisingly, devoid of everything but my
brother's name.  I guess maybe he wised up and hid this one from me.

Are ther more books like this?  They were both published by Whitman.  The
first is a "Top Top Tales" book, and the second is a "Whitman BIG Tell-a-Tale".
Both are fairly small, about 6 to 7 inches in height, and about 20 pages long.
Should I expect to have to pay big bucks for others if they exist and I ever
run across them?

On a mostly different topic, I just ordered my new Missouri license plate,
"MCDUCK".  I'm guessing it's probably not already taken....

--Steve Crooks                          scrooks at tyrell.net

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