Murry and Goofy indexes

H.W. Fluks fluks at
Tue Mar 21 13:53:28 CET 1995

Hey, we didn't get any message yesterday! Exceptional...

> BTW: Does anybody have a Murry-index (or happen to know where I can get one)
> I'd like to know what stories Murry made.

I sent you an extract of our Disney comics database in private mail.
If anyone else likes an index like this (or any other index): feel free to ask.

Talking about indexes: I dug up all the old mail files of this list, and
here's the "Goofy" index we talked about last week:

(compiled June 1993, by Per Starback, additions by me)

   Title			Code (if known)
   Goofy da Vinci
   Goofy Columbus
   Goofy Galileo		S 76159
   Mickey Marco Polo		S 76179
*  Goofy Beethoven
   Goofy Gutenberg
   Goofy Arthur
*  Goofy Ulysses
   Goofy King Tut		S 78096
*  Goofy Frankenstein
   King Goofy Midas
   Goofy Eiffel
   Around the World in 80 Days
*  Goofy Wilhelm Tell		S 80135
*  Goofy Hercules
*  20000 leagues under the sea
*  The invisible man

All stories are (or seem to be) 44 pages. Titles with a *
may differ from the actual English title.

If anyone knows a story or CODE that's not in this index, please let me know!


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